Barber & Fetish Grooming Services

  • Services / Head & Face

    All head and face grooming services include a cutthroat straight-razor finish.

    Buzz cut $55

    Haircut $75

    Head shave $75

    Face shave $65

    Beard trim $55

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  • Services / Manscaping

    Prices shown, are for clipper service (Add $10 for shaving or $20 for waxing)

    Legs $55

    Back (including shoulders) $55

    Arms (including shoulders) $45

    Chest and stomach $55

    Arse cheeks and crack $55

    Arse crack (not including cheeks) $45

    Pubic hair $65

    Scrotum (includes pubic trim) $75

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  • Services / Manscaping Packages

    The Naked Barber's Famous Sling Shave $95

    Enjoy a full arse and scrotum shave as you lay back in the comfort of the Naked Barber's sling (includes pubic trim).

    The Sling Wax $120
    Have your arse and scrotum waxed in the comfort of the Naked Barber's sling (includes pubic trim).

    Body Clipper (Partial) $120
    Choose three different body parts. Add $30 to include a buzz cut at the same time.

    Full Body Clipper $220
    Add $30 to include a buzz cut at the same time.

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  • Services/ Barbers Choice

    Submit yourself to the Naked Barber for an hour! $350

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  • Services / Barbers Choice +

    Barber's Choice +

    Want your grooming session photographed by a professional photographer?

    Experience the ultimate grooming service, and submit yourself to the naked barber - all the while immortalizing your session in images!

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  • Services / Grooming Packages

    The Naked Barber can tailor a grooming package for you that could include your wildest fantasies!

    • Private parties, events and role play.

    • Straight, bisexual, transgender, gay and couples of any kind are all welcome.

    This is an unforgettable experience for anyone who has a fetish for grooming, or would like to explore.

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  • Gift Cards

    Gift vouchers are available from The Naked Barber.  Give the Perfect Gift! Get a voucher for yourself or gift one to a friend!

    Already have a gift card for The Naked Barber? Or want to give the gift that keeps on giving?  You can top up and add money to a gift card!

    Check the balance on your gift card for The Naked Barber services.

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  • The Naked Barber’s private studio is located on Oxford St in Paddington, Sydney, Australia.

  • The Naked Barber Studio is open by appointment only:

    • Monday-Friday 10am-7pm
    • Saturday 11am-4pm
  • Bookings are essential